When my husband and I first discussed trying for baby #2, I started planning our announcements right away.

What can I say? I’m a planner.

I wanted to do something really special this time around for my husband; it didn’t really cross my mind the first time, as our first child wasn’t exactly planned. I laid the pregnancy test on his lap and said, “I’m going back to work.” Yeah, I know… Jeez!

I wanted to have it planned out for each group; but when we didn’t get pregnant right away, I gave up on the idea.

While searching the internet, Pinterest, and (of course) Etsy, I found some really cute options. I could only do a few of them, but I wanted to make sure I add them all in this post.


15 Endearing Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

I’ll start with ideas geared toward the daddy (or Significant Other). We’ll then move on to the soon-to-be grandparents and then to everyone else.


Announcement Ideas for the new Dad (Or SO)

I knew that I wanted my announcement to Chris to be very special. I also wanted it toMessageurprise. As soon as we started trying, I bought my gift to him.


1.Pregnancy Announcement Spoon via Etsy

I put this in a bowl of chili at dinner time and waited. It was really cute and turned out to be a perfect surprise.

pregnanacy announement

2. Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

Onesies are probably one of the cutest ideas for announcing the good news to dad. I absolutely fell in love with these ones, but knew I could only pick one idea for the hubby.

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pregnanacy announcement onesie for dad

pregnanacy announcement

pregnancy announcement onesie to dad

3.Pregnancy Announcement Message

There are plenty of adorable DIY ideas all over the internet.

pregnanacy announcement


4.Pregnancy Announcement Cups

These cups for Dad are great for any surprise announcement.

pregnancy announcement mug

pregnanacy announcement mug



5.Simple Pregnancy Test

Sometimes, the best way to announce your pregnancy to your husband is to simply wrap up your pregnancy test and present it that way.

pregnancy announcement



Announcement to Your Parents (Soon-to-be Grandparents)

Some of these ideas may be duplicates of ways to tell your husband, but with a small twist.


1.Pregnancy Announcement Mugs

How stinking adorable are these mugs?

pregnancy announement

pregnanacy announcement mug



2.Pregnancy Announcement Onesies

These onesies are similar to the ones for dad, but with a grandparent’s twist.

pregnancy announcment

pregnancy announcement


3.Pregnancy Announcement Booties

We decided to go with this idea for both our moms. And we got both reactions on video. It was a perfect pick for us.

pregnancy Announcement

pregnancy announcement


4. Pregnancy Announcement Egg

These eggs are ingenious and I could kiss the person who came up with this brilliant idea.

pregnancy announcement egg

pregnancy announcement egg


5.Easy Homemade Pregnancy Announcement

This idea is so stinking cute. Since my father is not in my life and my father-in-law passed away a few years ago, I didn’t think to look for something for grandfathers specifically. But this is so endearing.

pregnancy announcement


Announcement to Your Everyone Else

I will start this by saying that when and how you tell anyone is entirely up to you as a couple. You should both be on the same page about your announcement. With our first child, we waited for our first appointment (6 weeks) to announce our pregnancy to our extended family and friends. With this pregnancy, we decided to announce it at Thanksgiving (10 weeks). It’s up to you as a couple.

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1.Pregnancy Announcement with Current Kids

We decided to go with this idea for our pregnancy announcement and it turned out perfect.


2.Pregnancy Announcement with Pets

We don’t have any pets; but if your dog or cat (or whatever animal you call friend) is a big part of your life, go ahead and add them to the announcement.


3.Pregnancy Announcement with Baby Shoes

We had a picture taken like this as well. We didn’t use it as our official announcement but we did add it to our album on Facebook.


4.Pregnancy Announcement Together

This is one that can never go wrong. Your love for each other can truly shine through for this one.


5.Pregnancy Announcement for the Season

We went with a Thanksgiving and harvest theme for our announcement. Our outfits were coordinated for fall weather and we even added a pumpkin.

easter pregnancy announcement

valentines pregnancy announcement

Was there a special way you announced your pregnancy? Share in the comments!


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It's difficult to decide what baby announcement will work for you. Here are a few great pregnancy announcement ideas that are just too adorable not to do.


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