Mom, his temperature is 102.5. Do I need to take him to the doctor?

His poop looks like brown mustard and it reeks. Is that normal?

I think I’m sleep deprived. The other night, I thought he was plotting with someone to make sure I’m not sleeping. He’s two weeks old!

I’m going to send you a picture. Is my milk supposed to look like this?

Mom, I miss you. I don’t know what to do. He won’t stop crying.

These are just a few of the conversations I’ve had with my mom. After having my Young Jedi, I was sleep deprived and couldn’t figure out what the hell my son wanted. The first person I wanted to call was my mom.

But some days she would be working and I would need some interaction with other people. Preferably people who were going through exactly what I was going through (other moms). I found a mommy support group on Facebook and I was so excited. I followed every post I could find.

This idea of supportive moms was mind-blowing. I thought I had hit the jackpot. 

As a first-time mom, I had a lot of questions. Questions about poop. Questions about temperatures. I have questions about when to start feeding my baby solids. Questions about breastfeeding.

One day I read a post from another mommy. Her son had bites all up his leg. She was asking what they were and what she should do. My thought was, Why are you wasting time asking these moms? That looks serious. Call your doctor.

People who responded had several different answers. No one could be 100% sure, because they weren’t there looking at the poor kid’s leg.

A pregnant woman thought her water might have broken. She explained her circumstance and asked if it was actually her water breaking.

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Whenever I ask anything on these mommy groups, only two or three people respond. I wouldn’t want to wait for them to respond to know if my water had broke.

I’m not saying these examples as a judgment on these moms. They were doing what I was doing too!

That was the day I realized that this mommy group became a replacement for intelligent, sound advice. I had begun to rely on the opinions if other mom’s instead of going to my pediatrician or my mom.
Without further ado…

Parenting advice comes from every angle. This is why I only go to my mom for parenting advice.

Five Reasons I Call My Mom for Mommy Questions

(And Don’t Ask a Mommy Facebook Group)

She has been a mom six times.

SIX TIMES! I’m the oldest of six kids. Not to mention, my mom is only in her early 40s! That’s a lot of kids.

She didn’t have Google when I was a baby. How did she know what to do then? Through trial and error, talking to my doctor, and asking the women in her family.

I’m sure she was at a loss at times. Hell, she accidentally dropped me off a mattress when I was an infant (it was on the floor). If she had access to a mommy group then, she would have been persecuted for co-sleeping. She would have been told she was unfit to be a mom.

I trust my mom because of her multiple experiences. She’s had six kids. She knows  what she’s doing and she has great advice.


She is a Registered Nurse.

 My mom has spent years in school to become an RN. She has 7 years of experience and knowledge working at hospitals.

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I know that if I call my mom, she won’t just give me great mom advice. She will give me sound medical advice if needed.

I’ve even called her with questions about my body. If she doesn’t know something, she will tell me so. She will tell me to call my doctor.


She is my mom. Isn’t that what she’s there for?

 Moms are awesome!

My relationship with my mom wasn’t always so great. We worked through a lot of issues to get to where we are today. Despite all that, my mom is my best friend today.

If  I could choose my mom, I’d choose her out of everyone.


She won’t judge me.

My mom respects my decision to be the parent I want to be. Read on to find out the other ways my mom has great parenting advice. Click To Tweet

We all judge each other. I judge other moms all the time. I don’t want to be like that and I’m working on not being like that.

My mom will never judge me for my ideas or the way I choose to parent my child. She listens and understands.

My mom might judge me for giving my kid organic milk, but she would not say something to make me feel like I shouldn’t be doing that.

She respects my decision to be the mom I want to be.


She will NOT give me crunchy advice.

Disclaimer: Nothing against crunchy or hippie moms.

My mom is not crunchy or “organic is best” in any way. She understands that organic food is expensive. She understands that grocery shopping is bargain shopping.

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I’ve definitely shopped that way; but since being with my husband, I’ve ventured into some of the organic world.

That’s. Not the kind of crunchy I’m referring to though.

Have you ever heard of Elderberry Sauce? I’d never heard of that before either.

My toddler was sick with a cold when he was about 6 months old, and I asked the Facebook mommies what I should do. They suggested Elderberry Syrup.

As a full-time working mom, making my own cough syrup to test on my child is not on my list of things to do. Instead, I went to see his doctor and was told what medication to give him.

I’m not opposed to giving my kid medicine. They make him feel better and they work?


If you are interested in an elderberry syrup recipe, you can find one here. Try it out and let me know if it works for your child.

These are the reasons I choose to call my mom all my parenting questions over asking Facebook group moms.

Do you ask your mom all your parenting questions or do you go to someone else for your questions? 

Feel free to share your experience or opinion in the comments below.


As a first-time mom, I had a lot of questions. Questions about poop. Questions about temperatures. I have questions about when to start feeding my baby solids. Questions about breastfeeding.

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