“If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” -Unknown

If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

When I was about six years old, I got a really bad iron burn on my leg. Most of the memories of the actual incident are hazy. What I truly remember is the weeks of healing afterwards.

Now I went to a private school where stockings were a requirement. It didn’t matter that I was little or that I had a burn on my leg. So I remember my Mom putting gauze on my burn then putting my stockings over them. Because the burn hadn’t healed (it needed some air to scab over), I remember having to sit in the tub in my stockings to loosen up the gauze.

This may have only happened once but in my childhood memory, I only see myself in that tub soaked to the bone. I felt annoyed and in pain. Then came time to peel the gauze off. It was so painful and uncomfortable!

Finally, my burn ended up scabbing over and healing. I now have a four inch scar where I had the burn because I would pick at my scab. This didn’t help it heal either!

The point of this story is to relate this terrible memory to negative thoughts. When we have negative thoughts, we are simply putting a bandage or gauze over a cut or burn. We aren’t giving ourselves the air to breathe through the situation. Instead, we try to cover it up with anxiety.

But this doesn’t help anything.


When you have negative thoughts and you don’t try to change them, you are just putting a Band-Aid on the problem. You aren’t truly fixing or changing anything.

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When you change your thoughts and choose to have positive thoughts despite the negative thoughts that want to make their way into your mind, you are putting that healing ointment on your wound. You are letting that wound breathe. And that’s when the healing truly begins.

I’ve struggled with negative thoughts for a long time. Recently, I said enough is enough. My thoughts were limiting me from excelling in all aspects of my life. It was affecting my relationships, my work, and my family.

I knew that I had to stop saying, “I just want to be happy”, and actually do something about it.

Here are my tips for changing the negative thoughts.


Tips for Changing your Thought Pattern


Change the people you are around

Have you ever had a friend that dragged you down every time they were around? They talk you into doing things you shouldn’t. Instead of encouraging you to live above your problems, they wallow in them with you.

If you feel that the people around you are not truly encouraging you to move forward in your life and thoughts then you need to cut them off. You need to change who you allow to speak into your life.



I have found that thinking through these thoughts… saying affirmations… and calling a friend certainly help me. The affirmations in this have a lot to do with releasing as you are letting those thoughts (and that thought pattern go)

Positive affirmations for negative thoughts:

  • I release my negative thoughts, embracing positivity and optimism.
  • I am always learning and growing
  • Negative thoughts cannot drain me of my energy
  • I am too big a gift to this world to feel self-pity and sadness
  • Today, I am good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, strong enough and smart enough for what my day will bring
  • I will not allow my negative thoughts to poison all the good things in my life. I choose to be happy.
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Write down your negative thought then throw them away

This can be great with most things in life. It’s a very symbolic yet open way to get rid of something that is holding you back from being the best you.

Just write down the things that make you guilty, stressed out, or depressed. The symbolism of throwing them out will make a huge difference in your mind.


Write down your negative thoughts then change them to positive thoughts

This is my favorite!

I write down those negative thoughts that I have and I turn them into thoughts of positivity. I’ve attached the worksheet which you can download and print to help you work through your thoughts.

I’m not good enough into I’m am just enough as I need to be today.

I make mistakes all the time into I’m learning and growing into the person I’m meant to be.

I’m not worthy of love into The people who truly matter love me unconditionally.

I’m a terrible mom into I am a mom who loves my kids and I do my very best.


Acknowledge your shortcomings. You won’t move on without them.


I am an anxious mess into Yes, I have anxiety; but I am choosing today to be courageous even if things don’t go the way I think they will.

I am depressed into Yes, I struggle with depression; but I choose to put that aside today and make every moment count.

I am a terrible person into I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I am working to correct those things.


Get your FREE Mindset Worksheet below:

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mindset worksheet


“You can’t stop negative thoughts from popping into your head, but you can choose to stop letting them control you and your life.” -Lori Deschene

Just like anxiety and depression, we cannot allow these things to control us. We must choose every day to live above these feelings and emotions and do what is really important… THRIVE

Yeah, I know it might be easier said than done; but if you follow the tips above, you will have a great starting point!

If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

Author: Alesia

Alesia is a working mom who fights her way through life, depression, and just plain stupidity. She strives to show others that it is possible to be a bad-ass while you feel like you’re losing your mind. A Bottle of Sanity is a space in which working moms may find easy recipes, parenting tips, and sanity.