It’s 2018! What the what?

And because I’m late to every party (or work, or event, or most things), I actually didn’t get my vision board together until the first week of January.

I recently decided on my word for the year which is Patience.

Since I am a working mom who struggles with anxiety and depression, I’ve found that patience doesn’t come naturally to me. Just this weekend, I found out that my daycare situation will be changing in the near future. I need patience with myself, my husband, and my kids to get through this without having too much of a panic attack.

But I have so much faith that this is going to be my year!!!

I’ve set goals and am working toward meeting those goals. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m willing to put in all the work it will take.


So, without further ado, I’ll show you how to create a virtual Vision Board using just Pinterest and Canva. Both are free and really easy to use!



Step 1: Create your Vision Board on Pinterest

If you head over to Pinterest, you can create a free account if you don’t already have one.

Next, you will want to search for a product that really resonates with your goals for 2018. I searched for things like “house”, “money”, “money mindset”, “friends”, “family”, and “quotes”. These are things that I really want in 2018 so I knew what things I wanted to search for.

vision board pinterest


Click on the pin you would like to use and save it to your “Vision Board” Pinterest board.

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pin to vision board


Create a new board if you don’t already have one. Title it “Vision Board 2018”.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out my Pinterest vision board or search “vision board” and there are tons of ideas.

Continue to search for things that reflect how you envision 2018 going and add those to your new board.

Once you have enough, you can move on to the next step.


Step Two: Create a Canva Wallpaper

Canva is such an easy graphics tool and they have a pretty rad free version. Right now, there isn’t a mobile web version, but they do have an app for ipad, iphone, or android.

So head on over to Canva and look for the desktop wallpaper design.


canva vision board


Start adding a few words to your design.


canva vision board


canva vision board


To add the pictures from your pins, you can take a screenshot, use print-screen, or snipping tool. You have a few options. Or you can simply right click and save them.


We want to buy a house this year, so I knew a beautiful house in the suburbs is what I wanted on my vision boards. Click the picture to bring up a bigger version.


Right click on the picture.



Select “Save Image As…”



Save it to your computer.

Drag the picture from your download folder to the Canva website. Add more pictures, words, and quotes until you are satisfied with the collage.



To save on Canva, simply select the download button.


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This screen will appear with a quote showing you that your graphic is saving.



Select OK to save to your Download Folder.


Step 4: Make your New Graphic your Desktop Photo

I personally have a Window laptop so this is how I changed my desktop to show my vision board. Typically, you want your vision board to be somewhere you will see it often. What better place to put it!

Right click your desktop screen.


Click “Browse” to select your photo from the download folder.



After making my new vision board my background, I found that with all the things happening on the screen, it was really difficult to see my icons.



So I went back into Canva. I added a quick color box to the side, shifted all the things on my vision board, and saved it again. Now it looked more how I wanted it to look.



What things are you putting on your virtual vision board today?



How to Create a Virtual Vision Board


Author: Alesia

Alesia is a working mom who fights her way through life, depression, and just plain stupidity. She strives to show others that it is possible to be a bad-ass while you feel like you’re losing your mind. A Bottle of Sanity is a space in which working moms may find easy recipes, parenting tips, and sanity.