There are plenty of websites out there to tell you what you need the first year with your new baby. But they won't tell you is what is practical for the working mom.

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There are plenty of websites out there to tell you what you need the first year with your new baby. But they won’t tell you is what is practical for the working mom. has a great list of items for new parents.

This two time working mama (almost!) is here to help working moms know exactly what they need to buy for that first year.

I had a baby shower when I was pregnant with my first. There were so many gifts and things that were wonderful. We got a ton of clothes. But barely any diapers.

That’s when I realized that at most baby showers, people don’t buy things that are practical for new parents. Instead, they buy things that are cute.

Plus, most new parents put the things they can’t afford on their registry. It should just be called a new parent wish list. That’s what it was for us.

I’ve only been to one baby shower since having kids. What did I buy the new parents?

This amazing nasal aspirator.


Obviously, I bought a few other things like adorable onsies and a giraffe pacifier.

The above “boogie sucker” (as I affectionately call it) has been a complete wonderment in times of need. I don’t know how anyone did it any other way!

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My point is, I know what you need for that first year. Sure, you can check out the major necessities on other websites; but if you are a working mom then some of those things don’t apply to you. You need other things to help save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

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Main Necessities

These main necessities for baby’s first year include things that most parents consider.


My favorite brand of diapers is Luv’s Diapers. I have found that Pampers and Huggies just don’t work for us.

Plus most Target diapers are on sale and you can get an extra 5% off if you have the Target REDcard.

Be prepared to buy a lot of diapers as the typical child goes through 2500-3000 diapers in their first year.

The Suburban Mom has a great list of how many diapers you need in each size.


Start off with the unscented wipes especially while baby is young. We found out very quickly that our son was allergic to the smelly ones so he only gets the unscented ones.

These are our favorite baby wipes, but I’ve also found that Target brand has not given us any problems either.


 Diaper Genie

Because baby diapers really do stink.


You are going to need a ton of clothes. Your child will grow faster than you will even realize. These unisex onsies are adorable and affordable.

Portable Changer

This was a great item to keep in the diaper bag when we went out.



During the first year, it is not recommended that you put any blankets or pillows in with your little one. I won’t add these to my list at all.

For our first, we received a beautiful crib; but we wanted our son to be close and easily accessible. So we had him sleep in our room with a pack-and-play.

Pack and Play

Sleepers / Swaddlers

These are super easy to zip up and the baby will be comfortably warm through the night without having a blanket. They come in tons of sizes and color options.


You may be considering co-sleeping. This mama is very supportive of it. Just be sure that you are practicing safety in your decision and you understand the risks.

This Co-Sleeper with walls is meant to keep your baby safe while you co-sleep.


Feeding / Eating

I personally chose to breastfeed my son. I do not believe that breast is best. Sometimes, I wish I had not breastfed so long because I believe it added to my PostPartum Depression.

Fed is best… no matter what that looks like for you and your baby.


You can certainly review Amazon’s Breastfeeding page to see what products might be best for you. Here is a list of the products I used during my year and a half of breastfeeding my first.

Electric Pump – Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breastpump

Manual Pump – Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Having both at my disposal was very convenient.

Milk Storage – Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Boob Lotion –  Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve

Nursing Pads – Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads


You will have to find the formula that works best for your baby. There are tons of sites out there where you can request free samples. I’ve listed a few good ones below. They are updated regularly.

My Momma Taught Me

The Balance


The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Penny Hoarder

Baby Bullet

My baby bullet was the best investment I made when I decided to make my son’s food.

I was able to spend about two hours (or less) every Sunday and make his food for the week. It’s easy and so much cheaper than buying canned food. Not to mention, you know exactly what your baby is eating.

These were my favorite storage containers for the baby food.

Spoons and Forks

You want to make sure these are rubbery for baby’s soft gums.


This came in super handy when we started with pureed foods.



The Tommee Tippee Starter Set were the best bottles for our little guy. The flow was perfect and we went with the bigger ones when his appetite got bigger.



In Sickness and in Health

Boogie Wipes

We still keep these close by. We especially need them during tantrums and allergy season.


I’ve heard mixed things on whether to get a warm or cold humidifier. We opted for the cool as it does not produce mold like the warm ones do.

We love the projection one for our kids.

Baby Tylenol

This is ideal for after shots and during teething. I understand that some parents choose the more homeopathic route, so you can check out these ones that I’ve tried.

Teething Help

This particular teething set lasted us through the first year and beyond. You only have to buy the one set which covers all the teething phases.


We bought a cute little toothbrush in the baby section at Target, but if you are looking to do most of your shopping online, Amazon has some finger baby toothbrushes that work just as well.

Out and About

Baby Wrap

The Moby wrap is my favorite, but there are plenty of options out there. I found that this one helped me get things done around the house while my son was still very small.


Stroller and Carseat Set

I will always be a Graco fan so this is the one we got. This is definitely something you will have to do a bit of research on and always search for recalls. I usually leave that aspect up to my husband. He’s always in-the-know about things like that.


Diaper Bag

There are so many diaper bags to choose from so here is a slide of a few of the most popular ones.

I truly hope this list is helpful for you while you plan your new addition. If you have an suggestions or ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments.

This list is not meant to be used as a set guide or in place of medical advice. If you have questions about your child, please speak with a pediatrician.


There are plenty of websites out there to tell you what you need the first year with your new baby. But they won't tell you is what is practical for the working mom.

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